AMD Radeon HD 7000 will have full DirectX 11.2 support

Only needs a new driver

While an interview with AMD's engineer Laylah Mah over at c't Magazin certainly raised a lot of attention, it was already clear that AMD might easily have support for DirectX 11.2 on its Radeon HD 7000 series since it was clearly noted that problem is not on the hardware level but rather the driver.
AMD has clarified the issue stating that "Today, AMD is only GPU manufacturer to offer fully-compatible DirectX 11.1 support and the only manufacturer to support Tiled Resources Tier-2 within a shipping product stack." Of course, while this does not say anything regarding the actual DirectX 11.2 support on GCN-based HD 7000 series, it clearly states that AMD is detirmend to have full support for any standard that comes up and since consoles and the GPU part of the custom APU inside them are pretty much based on a similar hardware we are quite sure that AMD will include the support for DirectX 11.2 as well.

The new Windows 8.1 drivers that should launch either together with the Windows 8.1 or sometime after, will most likely bring DirectX 11.2 support and since Battlefield 4 and its Frostbite 3 engine will use at least some of DirectX 11.2 features it is quite likely that AMD will not miss it, even for Radeon HD 7000 series.

In any case, we will certainly keep an eye out on this situation and hopefully AMD will manage to get the driver up and running.


News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Marc Büchel - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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AMD Radeon HD 7000 will have full DirectX 11.2 support - AMD - News - ocaholic