Maybe already next month

During the CES 2017, ASUS and Acer among with other manufacturers have unveiled the first 4K big format gaming display. This display was set to be unveiled by the end of 2017. However due to several delays, the launch has been postponed to Q3 2018. According to some rumors, the first 4K/144Hz G-Sync HDR monitors might hit the market already next month.

New radiator

A few years ago, Corsair has introduced the entry-level Hydro H60 AIO CPU cooler. Today the company updates its H60 liquid CPU cooler, adding new mounting brackets, a better fan, and a redesigned pump and radiator.

Featuring 3D TLC memory

Mushkin has shown their new Source series of SSDs which all use 3D NAND flash memory which should offer enhanced performance when compared to SSDs powered by standard Planar NAND. With the Source series Mushkin offers a unit based on a Silicon Motion controller. All the new drives features a 2.5 inch package.

With up to 960GB capacity

NVMe capable SSDs are growing increasingly popular these days, offering much higher transfer speeds than the usual SATA drive. New markets always offer new opportunities and that on the other hand means that different vendors will launch new products. ADATA is one of those having presented their new SX8200 NVMe SSDs.

Gaming brand only for NVIDIA

A few days ago, NVIDIA has introduced the GeForce Partner Program (GPP), an initiative that should fill the gap between NVIDIA and the companies that produce add-in cards or system based on its technology. NVIDIA will not require to join the program, however being part of the program will get the participants a lot of benefits.

12TB already launched

Not long ago Seagate launched their 12 Terabyte hard drives into different market segments. In front of analysts the CEO of Seagate also announced that 14 Terabyte models are almost ready for evaluation and their soon being shipped to customers for testing.

With triple-fan cooler

AMD's Radeon RX Vega cards are still hard to find on retail shelves, but the situation could be improve soon due to the announcement of more third-party designs. PowerColor has announced two Vega cards, the RX Vega Red Dragon 56 and 64 graphics cards. Both cards sport a short reference PCB with a custom cooler.

Quite similar to the Super Luce RGB Lite

A few months ago, GEIL has shown their Super Luce RGB Lite which are almost identical to the Sync version. The Super Luce RGB Lite lacks RGB LED management software and comes with a combination of multi-color lighting. Apart from that, both kits don't come with RGB-header.

Impressive capacity

Samsung has announced the release of the PM883 8TB, its highest-density datacenter SATA drive. With the PM883 SSD, Samsung is the first company to pair LPDDR4 DRAM (16GB) modules with SATA interface. Furthermore the drive is SATA 3.3-compliant, in other words it allows power management in individual SSD units.

With Riing fans

A few months ago, Thermaltake announced their View 37 case. Now the company is presenting a little update on this model, which means they've added RGB accents. Both cases come with Riing fans, the only difference is about the delivery that is more rich in the RGB Edition.

Compatible with E-ATX motherboards

Raijintek has released a new full-tower case which comes with a lot of room for storage devices, components and water cooling gear. Furthermore it sports RGB accents and sound insulation panels.

Finally spotted in 3DMark database

In order to reply to AMD's new Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs, Intel is planning to increase the core count on their next-generation desktop platform. According to the latest rumors, Intel might add a eight core CPU regarding their 8th generation of mainstream desktop CPUs.

Added support and fixed issues

AMD has released the latest update to their Radeon GPU drivers, the Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.3.3 Beta. This new updated adds support for a couple of games like Sea of Thieves and A Way Out.

Five ASUS B360 motherboards are coming too

In addition to the H370 motherboards, ASUS will add several Intel B360 boards as well. According to some rumors, we should see this motherboards during next month. One of the most interesting models is the STRIX B360-G Gaming, the company will offer a micro-ATX motherboard that sports a black and red color scheme.

Great design

According to a leak that has been published on Videocardz, ASUS is ready to launch a long list of motherboards based on the upcoming Intel H370, B360 and H310 chipsets. With the STRIX H370-F Gaming, the company will offer an ATX motherboard that sports a lot of features.

On Ryzen and Threadripper processors

AMD and some of its retail partners have started a new discount campaign on selected AMD Ryzen and AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors. The discount campaign is avalable only on selected partners and on most of the dekstop CPUs.

This time on a chinese site

A few months ago, an AIDA64 update unveiled a long list of mobile processors that included Coffee Lake-H and Coffee Lake-S processors intended for laptops. The most interesting model was the Core i9-8950HK since this is going to be the first Core i9 processor for laptop.

Called RX 580 Gaming Box

External graphics card docks are not that common, yet there are many reasons why this could change. During this year’s Computex, Gigabyte has shown their Aorus GTX 1070 Gaming Box and it looks like one of the best solutions so far. Today the company is ready to announce a more powerful model based on RX 580 graphics cards.

Featuring a blower-style fan

MSI has unveiled its Dual M.2 x16 PCIe add-in-card, which is a daughter-board that can be equipped with two M.2 SSDs. We have already seen a similar card from ASUS however the the differences are subtle but significant.

First graphics card from ASRock

A few weeks ago, we posted some rumors about the first ASRock series of graphics cards. According to DigiTimes, ASRock might be just another AMD partner. Meanwhile the company has published some teasers that confirms their enter in GPU market.
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