NVIDIA releases GeForce 381.78 hotfix drivers

19.04.2017 - Posted by Luca Rocchi

For Windows 10 Creators Update

Following the launch of Windows 10 Creators Update, some users have had issues with their NVIDIA graphics cards. For that purpose the GeForce 381.78 hotfix driver has been launched and it’s also supposed to address some other bugs that have surfaced.

The latest version of NVIDIA’s 381.78 hotfix drivers, fixes issues like black screen while booting or the GPU voltage bug. Furthermore this driver solves issues with ICC profiles, which were bugged after installing Windows 10 Creators Update. Since this driver is only for Windows 10 you will not find any new drivers for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. As always, you can download the new GeForce 381.78 hotfix drivers over at NVIDIA's support page or automatically via the Geforce Experience software.

Source: Guru3D
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