AMD teases the Fury X2 once again

Showing two Fiji GPUs

AMD has just release what appears to be a teaser for the upcoming AMD Radeon Furx X2 graphics card, showing two Fiji XT GPUs next to each other.

While the Radeon R9 Fury X2 name is still not carved in stone it appears that we are drawing closer to the launch of AMD's next-generation dual-GPU flagship graphics card.

Scott Wasson from AMD, who is the founder of The Tech Report, has tweeted a picture of two Fiji XT GPUs in the palm of its hand. This might be the start of a marketing campaign similar to the one we have seen with the AMD Radeon R9 295 X2.

Back in November last year, Johan Andersson already teased a picture of on its Twitter account which showed a leaking upcoming graphics card so some samples of the graphics card are already out and the specification has been allegedly already finalized so we should not wait for it much longer.

In case you missed it before, the upcoming Fury X2, codename Gemini, will feature two fully enabled Fiji XT GPUs, for a total of 8192 Stream Processors, 128 ROPs and 512 TMUs. The GPUs will work at up to 1000MHz and will feature 4GB of High Bandwidth Memory per GPU each with 4096-bit memory interface.

The TDP is expected to hit around 375W and it should have impressive Crossfire scaling thanks to new AMD XDMA Crossfire technology.

The price is still unknown and the same goes for the precise launch date.

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