Artificial Reality with The Void

Goggles, suite, glasses and special environment

With gadgets like Oculus Rift the whole topic of virtual reality instantly became much more popular. The goggles that makes you look like you're from another planet when you put them on actually give you a feeling like you're not on this planet anymore. Meanwhile there is a company called The Void, which might bring VR to yet another level again by combining VR goggles with building virtual worlds over physical environments.

To describe what The Void actually is, imagine a simple physical environment where there are basic elements like paths, tunnels, blocks, panels, or elements in general. Thanks to motion tracking and VR glasses a virtual environment is projected on these elements, putting you in any artificial reality you can possibly imagine.

Apart from the physical environment there is the so called Rapture HMD. This is basically similar to what you know from Oculus Rift, but it works in conjunction with the Rapture Vest and the Rapture Gloves. The combination of the three items makes the creation of any imaginary world possible.

At this stage The Voide is promising that the only limits there are for this project is your own imagination. They can basically create any world you can think of. Apart from that this could be the future of what could be called immersive entertainment. For now we will definitely have an eye on this project and keep you updated on any progress. So far it's not yet been communicated when the first "Centers" are going to open its doors to the public, but judging by the video below it can't be too far from now.

Source: The Void

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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