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Sooner than expected

Currently the GeForce RTX lineup consists of three high-end models. Meanwhile it looks like the fourth model is just around the corner, since the official logo for the GeForce RTX 2060 has been spotted.

Most powerful graphics card from MSI

With the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Lightning Z, MSI is about to add a new flagship model featuring a custom PCB and a custom cooler to its portfolio. Usually the Lightning cards are the preferred cards from extreme cooling enthusiasts or other users who are looking for an absolute top graphics card.

B360 produced with 22nm process

A couple of months ago, Intel released the H310C chipset which was a downgrade of the existing 14nm H310 chipset back to the 22nm process node. Since Intel is facing several issues with 14nm process, the chipmaker has launched the new B365 chipset. It's basically the B360 chipset produced with the 22nm manufacturing process and the Kaby Lake Platform Controller Hub (PCH).

Base on new iChill cooler

With the RTX 2080 8GB iChill X3 Jekyll and RTX 2080 8GB iChill X2 Jekyll, the company adds two high-end graphics cards to their brand new iChill line. Both cards are supposed to perform excellently and they might pack some substantial factory overclocks.

In the United States

A few weeks ago, be quiet! has unveiled its new mainstream Pure Power 11 series of power supply units. The series consists of three models with fixed cables ranging from 500 to 700 watts and three models with modular cables ranging from 500 to 700 watts. Compared to the previous generation, the freshly announced lineup should deliver better performance. These models are now available in the United States and soon in Europe as well.

Two more versions

EKWB has released the Velocity CPU waterblock recently, which has been introduced in over 14 different combinations of top material (acetal, acrylic, nickel-plated brass), base plate (copper, nickel-plated copper), and with/without RGB LEDs. If 24 RGB LEDs displaying the same color are not enough for you, EKWB adds two more versions with addressable RGB LEDs.

Compatible with RTX 20-series

If you own a GeForce RTX 2070, RTX 2080 or RTX 2080Ti you can now purchase an AIO EVGA cooling kit. With the Hybrid Kit, you should be able to get better temperature and more overclocking performance.

Flagship model

Gigabyte has unveiled their high-end Z390 Aorus Xtreme Waterforce motherboard which comes with pre-fitted AORUS branded monoblock. This motherboard is aimed at liquid cooling enthusiasts that want add water cooling on almost every component. As you can guess, the only difference between this and regular model is about the monoblock.


If you like RGB LEDs and you have only a dual memory setup, Corsair is might be able to help you out in a cost effective way. The company has released its Vengeance RGB Pro Light Enhancement Kit which basically fills the empty slots on your motherboard.

Specifications leaked as well

Thanks to a leak published on Videocardz there are finally new details on the upcoming RTX 2060 graphics cards. This time we are talking about a custom model from Gigabyte that probably will belong to the vendor’s WindForce series.

Capable CPU cooler

With the Pallas 120RGB cooler, the company adds a refreshed version of this particular cooler to its portfolio, while the original version of the cooler has been launched almost four years ago. Raijintek has made several changes compared the original version also improving the performance.

Separate teams are working on 10nm and 7nm

According to the latest information, Intel appears to be pleased with its progress on the 7 nanometer manufacturing technology. This comes in as a good surprise since the company is still not shipping 10-nanometer "Cannon Lake" processors in volume, and won't until the end of next year.

With support for ray tracing

The upcoming 3DMark Port Royal from UL Benchmarks is going to be the world's first real-time ray tracing benchmark for PC using DirectX based ray tracing (DXR). The benchmark should deliver high fidelity graphics which are supposed to be unachievable with current rasterization hardware.

On EVGA Z390 Dark motherboard

The Finnish overclocker "Luumi" has broken the Cinebench 8-core world record running his processor at almost 7GHz, which was enough for 3142 points. The benchmark has been conducted using an Intel Core i9-9900K on an EVGA Z390 Dark motherboard and several liters of liquid nitrogen.

Updated version of the 303

With the 307, InWin unveils what’s essentially an updated version of the current 303 case. The front panel features numerous RGB LEDs which can be used to create animated images. The case is already available in Asia and should hit the EU-zone this month.

KB4469342 update

Microsoft has released an extensive update that will fix many current issues with Windows 10. The company has released a cumulative update KB4469342 and according to Microsoft this update has been under thorough testing by Windows Insiders since the November 27.

The fastest 2080 Ti?

It was a matter of time until EVGA is going to launch their RTX 2080Ti K|NGP|N Edition GPU. These cards are usually as fast as it gets and therefore the absolute flagship that money can buy. This time Vince has unveiled a small teaser on Instagram yet there is no 3DMark score along side of it.

Radeon RX 3000?

It looks like AMD is working on a new series of graphics cards based on its upcoming 7nm Navi architecture. Thanks to a leak published the youtuber AdoredTV, there are now first details on the upcoming models.

Redefines extreme desktop motherboards

A few weeks ago, Intel has officially announced its new 28 core processor designed for extremely powerful workstations, the Xeon W-3175X. Since this chip requires the LGA3647 socket, you might need a new motherboard as well. ASUS has officially announced the ROG Dominus Extreme, which is massive new motherboard based on this particular socket.

Compatible with Core X CPUs

The ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe II is another Intel X299 motherboard that should help filling gaps in the ASUS X299 lineup. Since Intel has refreshed its Core X-series with higher performance potential and solder TIM, ASUS has updated its motherboards as well. This motherboard drops support for Intel's Kaby Lake-X CPUs and focuses on the Skylake-X generation.

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