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Facts can change

Over the past weeks we have read several reports regarding the lack of custom RX Vega 64 graphics cards. Unlike the previous rumors about the missing custom Gigabyte RX Vega 64, it appears that the manufacturer is actually going to release such a card based on a custom design.

Flagship model

ASRock has revealed the full specifications of its X299 Taichi XE motherboard. This model belongs to the high-end series and it's recommended for Core i9 processors. This board is quite similar to the X299 Taichi, but features a completely redesigned CPU VRM.

With two drives

NVMe capable SSDs are growing increasingly popular these days, offering much higher transfer speeds than the usual SATA drive. Transcend is now ready to launch two drives, which are compatible with Mac OS and Windows. The MT820 is designed for Windows PCs while the JetDrive 820 is compatible with Macs after late-2013.

Another high-end AM4 motherboard

The X370 Gaming M7 ACK from MSI is a high-end motherboard that comes with a few interesting features. Compared to X370 XPower Gaming Titanium, the Gaming M7 ACK should be a bit cheaper but still pack a bunch of features. At a first glance the X370 Gaming M7 ACK looks very similar to the Intel Z270 version with the same naming.

Celebrating their birthday

During the last Computex 2017 Cooler Master was celebrating their 25th anniversary, revealing new cases like the upcoming Cosmos C700P. Although it's based on the same old design, it now features RGB functionality, a clean layout and extended water cooling support.

Available soon

Judging by the sheer number of rumors that are surfacing today, the release of everything related to Coffee Lake is coming closer. ASRock has finally showcased few of the upcoming models that we will see with Intel Z370. The motherboard are pretty similar to the previous generation.

Up to 20 Gbps transfer speed

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has released the specifications for USB 3.2. The new standard is supposed to allow for up to 20 Gbps (gigabits per second, not gigabytes per second) transfer speeds, thanks to two more sets of SuperSpeed pins. In order to get those speeds you need a USB Type-C connector.

Improved looks

The Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon from MSI is a mid-range motherboard that comes with a few interesting features. Compared to the previous model, which goes by the name Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon, we see a similar color scheme - as the name suggests - but a reworked layout and a new design for all the heatsinks.

Same design as Z270 series

Earlier this week Intel has announced their Coffee Lake series of processors and next week the processors alongside with the motherboards should become available. Following Gigabyte, MSI now also unveils more informations on their motherboards. As we’ve mentioned several times already, the Z370 motherboards appear to be very similar to the Z270 models.

Suitable for powerful Home Theater PC

Lian Li already has a few dekstop cases in its portfolio and it looks like the vendor is slowly completing the lineup adding a mini-ITX model. The upcoming PC-Q38, is basically a tiny aluminum case that sports straight lines and rounded corners.

Intel Core i9-7980XE

In our price watch for CPUs we're monitoring prices of no less than 20 processors. In this article you will find prices of latest Intel and AMD processors. For example we have listed all the CPU compatible with LGA2066 as well as with AM4 sockets.

Up to 28 GB/s

It looks like Roman "der8auer" has done another one of his “insane” tests. A few weeks ago AMD announced that their X399 platform now supports NVMe M.2 RAID. In that context Roman must have thought it would be a fun idea to see how much throughput can be achieve using as many M.2 NVMe SSDs as possible creating one massive RAID.

Added support and issues fixed

AMD has released the latest update to their Radeon GPU drivers, the Crimson ReLive Edition 17.9.3. Just a few days after the last WHQL driver has been launched, this new version goes online. As always support for new games has been added and issues have been fixed.

Featuring 2-in-1 fan controller

Enermax has introduced its new RevoBron series of power supply units that will be available with 500W, 600W and 700W of output power. Apart from that there is going to be a semi-modular cable managemtn as well as a 3-year warranty plan. The RevoBron series follow the Triathlor units, and those PSUs are supposed to come at a reasonable price.

Stocks not expected until mid-October

Over the past weeks we have heard several reports regarding the lack of custom RX Vega 64 graphics cards. According to an anonymous AIB rep, there won't be any custom graphics cards because there is simply no stock until mid-October. Following a report over at Tom's Hardware, it looks like Gigabyte won't even release a custom RX Vega 64 card.

First neuromorphic processor

Intel is announcing it’s first so called neuromorphic processor. The chip is still in the testing phase and it's been designed for help solving specific problems in physics and biology. According to Intel, Loihi should be highly energy efficient chip. In fact, the chip is supposed to be up to 1000 times more efficient than a general purpose computer chip.


Today we have another build from Cap-Ten for you. In the past we’ve shared several of his builds and as you might know they always look exceptionally good. Like every day we're showing you a very nice build or from one of our modder friends. As always we will show you the nicest pictures of the build and if possible also the specifications here in the news and the full album with all pictures can be found in our Case Mod Gallery.

Chinese website PCOnline found a toy

Following the leak of yesterday from expreview.com about the Core i7-8700K, PCOnline has jumped the gun testing the upcoming Intel Core i5-8600K processor on an Intel Z370 series motherboard. Since there aren't more details on the test setup, we don't know what kind of memory has been used.

Available in two years

TechPowerUp has come across a few interesting slides on the Spanish website Informatica Cero. One of them actually shows a CPU roadmap for AMD's next generation of Zen processors. Pinnacle Ridge, which is the successor's code name, is supposed to be manufactured using 12nm technology instead of the current 14nm node.

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