Is the mining boom over?

GPU sales going down significantly

Based on financial data from Gigabyte, Tul PowerColor as well as rumors that NVIDIA might be sitting on a rather large pile of GPUs, have put together an interesting theory. It appears likely that the GPU vendors shiny financial reports from the past months were the result of the mining boom.

In the case of Gigabyte, sales numbers have decreased by a whopping 31 percent thus June 2018 marks the worst month since December 2016. According to analysis from Seekingalpha Gigabyte’s GPU sales may have decreased by a massive 50 percent, since other business branches are stable.

Regarding mining another interesting point in case is Tul, which is the umbrella company of Power Color. When it comes to mining Tul is an interesting company since they’re only selling AMD based graphics cards. Yesterday the company published it’s financial numbers for the second quarter 2018 and compared to the first quarter 2018 the sales numbers have decreased by 59 percent.

Both these examples are leading to the conclusion that the mining boom is over and GPU sales are going to back to the levels they were at mid last year before the the Bitcoin exchange rate started to moon. Obviously for the gamer this is good news, since it means that the vendors will have to reduce prices to clear their inventory and not sit on large piles of graphics cards, which are getting older and worth less day by day.

Source: ComputerBase - Seekingalpha

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Marc Büchel - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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