Digitec X3000 Gaming PC Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 31.05.17
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Power Consumption / Temperature / Noise Level

Benchmark/Software Reference system Digitec X3000 Deviation

Power Consumption

Idle 63W 71W 12.70%
Load 368W 360W -2.17%


CPU Idle 37/35/37/34°C 38/39/40/39°C 2.70/11.43/8.11/14.71%
CPU Load 82/81/81/80°C 89/84/90/83°C 8.54/3.70/11.11/3.75%
GPU Idle 33°C 42°C 27.27%
GPU Load 66°C 68°C 103.03%

Noise Level

Idle 32.8 dBA 34.6 dBA 5.49%
Load 34.2 dBA 39.2 dBA 14.62%

Overall we can say that at this point everything is ok as well. The partially significant deviations regarding the temperatures can be explained by the fact, that we're using an open benchtable for our reference system as well as a more capable air cooler. In the case of any pre-built system, especially if it's competitively priced, the goal is achieving a setup that won't overheat and therefore have to deal with throttling issues at any point during its life-cycle. Analysing the noise levels we would subjectively describe the measured 34.6 dBA is very silent, whereas the 39.2 dBA under load can be describe as audible. Both values are absolutely ok for a gaming PC in this price segment but nevertheless it should always be the goal to achieve the dream of a no-noise PC.

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