Corsair Obisidian unveils 1000D case

Dual-system chassis

It's been a while since Corsair updated the high-end part of their Obsidian series. A few months ago we have published a review on the 500D and the company has added another case to their portfolio. With the Obsidian 1000D, Corsair is going to introduce a new super-tower case which sports a lot of interesting features.

The 1000D is a super-tower chassis that's been made from steel, aluminum and tempered glass. The Obsidian 1000D is constructed from steel and aluminum and features tempered glass on the front and side panels. This case is a real monster and measures 693 x 307 x 697mm, with a total weight of 29Kg and it classifies as a super-tower.

On the inside there is space for two motherboards, one E-ATX and another mini-ITX as well as two power supplies (ATX and SFX). In other words, it may weigh like a small adult human once is fully load. Cooling wise there is enough room for two massive radiators (480mm) that can be mounted in the front and for another big one (360mm) on the top. In addition there is enough space for high-end tower coolers, which can measure up to 180mm in height.

The internal layout has been reworked if compared to the Obsidian 500D. While on the 500D the layout is overall simple and straightforward, on the 1000D there are two doors placed behind the motherboard tray where you can install all the storage drives. Inside the 1000D there is enough space for five HDDs and six SSDs. On the top the case, there are four USB 3.1 Type-C ports as well as standard HD audio jacks, alongside power and reset switches.

The Corsair Obsidian 1000D super-tower dual-system case is priced at $500 USD on Amazon, but it's currently out of stock. The price might look a bit steep, however inside the delivery Corsair has added Commander PRO digital RGB lighting and fan speed controller, six RGB fans and RGB LED strips.
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Source: Techpowerup

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