NVIDIA releases GeForce 387.92 Game Ready drivers

OpenGL 4.6 and SLI fix on X299

NVIDIA's released its latest GeForce graphics drivers named 387.92. The new drivers are Game Ready for VR title like Arktika 1 and Shinji Mikami's The Evil Within 2. It also has more optimizations for Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Forza Motorsport 7. Last but not least, this drivers adds support for OpenGL 4.6.

The biggest improvement in this drivers regards Forza Motorsport 7 where there should be a 15-25% performance boost, which is a huge step forward compared to the first Game Ready drivers for this game. When it comes to performance improvements with SLI setups, NVIDIA has addressed the issue with Intel’s X299 platform and SLI configurations. The 387.92 release should fix an issue and let the cards hit their full speed when working together.

SLI users who own Maxwell or Pascal cards will also enjoy the newly-added FastSync support. FastSync is similar to v-sync, except there is not going to be any input lag and performance drops.

As always, you can download the new GeForce 387.92 drivers from NVIDIA's support page or automatically via the GeForce Experience software.

Source: Nvidia

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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