MIFCOM Ocaholic team again benches Intel i7-7700K CPU

A few new scores from Naruto80

During the past weeks and months plenty of new scores popped up on HWBot, which showed the overclocking potential of Intel’s Kaby Lake processors. Our teams overclocker Davide "Naruto80" Zilli, supported by RULE and Pixy, has managed to overclock the new high-end mainstream CPU from Intel reaching very respectable frequencies and scores. Davide has tested the new CPU on three benchmarks using several liters of liquid nitrogen.

Naruto80 has tested one of his new Core i7-7700K CPUs on wPrime, SuperPi and PiFast. While on wPrime his CPU was running at about 6.7GHz, on less intensive benchmarks like SuperPi and Pifast he reached 6.9GHz. Especially with SuperPi and Pifast it’s possible to deactivate unused cores, which then allows to overclock your CPU higher than using all cores available. Pushing for the highest frequency possible Davide reached 6.97GHz with 1.98 volts on SuperPi 1M, which was good enough for the 16th place.

Regarding the system that’s been used for benching, Naruto80 used the CPU on an ASRock Z170M OC Formula motherboard in combination with memory from G.Skill and a power supply from Seasonic.

You can check out the score in full detail over at HWBOT.org via links below.

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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