RX 480 8% faster with Crimson ReLive Drivers

Quite an improvement

As we already mentioned, thanks to a leak we know that AMD is going to soon show their so called ReLive drivers. Next to improvements and new features on the server/workstation side also desktop/gaming systems should benefit from increased performance and new features.

During 2016 AMD has released no less than 37 driver updates, including everything from the Beta versions to a total of 8 WHQL drivers. Apart from that support for 28 games has been added. AMD has also put a lot of effort into increasing DirectX 12 performance, which benefits a lot from asynchronous compute.

Next to performance improvements the new AMD Crimson ReLive drivers also bring some new features to the table. There is for example the application Radeon Loom, which is capable of capturing 360°, 8K x 4K pictures. Furthermore there is also OCAT, which is a benchmarking tool for testing DX11, DX12 and Vulcan API performance.

Also in the VR space AMD has been working on improvements, whereas support for Liquid VR has been improved enabling multi-GPU support and so called TrueAudio Next. Although this all sounds very fancy, what every AMD user really benefits from is the 8% performance increase on the RX 480, which implies that other AMD cards will receive a boost every here and there as well.

Last but not least the new Crimson ReLive drivers come with a power saving feature, which is called Radeon Chill. Based on in-game actions the frame-rate is going to be regulated. During tests, which were conducted using World of Warcraft, Radeon Chill was able to decrease power consumption by 31%, apparently also having a very positive effect on temperatures and efficiency.

The new drivers should go live today 9am EST.

Source: Techpowerup.

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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