Alongside with Denon & Marantz, Philips and Pioneer

The European Commission was recently in the news for imposing a huge €4.3bn anti-trust fine on Google. The Commission has also take a firm decision against four electronics firms for price fixing. ASUS has received the biggest fine, but three other companies are being caught imposing fixed or minimum resale prices on their online retailers.

H700 PUBG special edition

A few months ago, NZXT released a special edition of its H700 mid-tower chassis colored with blue and red color scheme like the air-drop crate from PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds. Today the company announced the CRFT lineup, an exclusive line of officially licensed gaming gear.

Reliability statistics

We are into the third quarter of 2018 and we have another Backblaze hard drive failure report to discuss. The report includes 100'254 spinning hard drives in Backblaze's data centers. The number includes 1'989 boot drives and 98'265 data drives. This review unveils several results and shows the score of 14TB HDD too.

Up to 4.70GHz on all cores

A few days ago, we have found the first specifications about the upcoming Intel 9th gen processors. The informations have been published from Coolaler and ComputerBase. According to the German site Golem, Intel on two high-end models might use solder instead of thermal pads under their heat spreaders.

Without HyperThreading

It's not a secret that Intel is expanding its Coffee Lake desktop processor lineup during Q3 2018. Furthermore the company will release another motherboard chipset called Z390. According to latest rumors Intel will release three more unlocked CPUs, the Core i9-9900K, Core i7-9700K and Core i5-9600K.

Compatible with OBS and Twitch

A few months ago Corsair has acquired Elgato Gaming, the famous manufacturer of video capture and streaming hardware. With the rise of eSport events, these devices have become increasingly popular.

New pump design

A few years ago, Corsair has introduced the entry-level Hydro H75 AIO CPU cooler. Today the company updates its H75 liquid CPU cooler, adding a better fan, and a redesigned pump.

With built-in wireless charger

A few months ago, In Win has shown a concept of a mini-ITX case. Now the company is ready to unveil a new compact mini-ITX chassis that features a built-in wireless charger spot and a pre-installed PSU with pre-routed cables.

Based on micro-ATX form factor

With the B450M-DS3H, Gigabyte adds a motherboard based on the mid-range chipset of AMD. Since this model belong to the Ultra Durable series, you will find nice heat sinks as well as good features. Compared to the previous generation, Gigabyte didn't change much.

Prime B450M-A and Prime B450M-Plus

A couple of days ago, we have received a big package with inside a bunch of AMD B450 motherboards. With the Prime B450M-A and Prime B450M-Plus, ASUS adds two motherboards based on the mid-range chipset of AMD. As you might guess, both models belong to the Prime series. Compared to the previous generations, both models sport a different design.

This appears to be fat-fetched

Not only is the launch of Intel’s next generation CPUs almost around the corner – at least so it feels judging by the speed the rumour mill is spinning again – an alleged benchmark score of what’s supposed to be a NVIDIA GTX 1170 graphics card has appeared.

From Coolaler again

As always before a launch it’s simply a matter of time until some website leaks detailed information on what’s to be released. This time it’s the Coolaler website again, where updates on the specs of Intel’s upcoming Core i9-9900K, Core i7-9700K and Core i5-9600K can be found.

Single tower cooler with top cover

Cooler Master announced today its MasterAir MA410P CPU cooler. According to Cooler Master, the MasterAir MA410P cooler is the upgraded version of the MasterAir Pro 4 and it features Continuous Direct Contact 2.0 technology and a MasterFan MF120R RGB fan.

EPIC is on a kill streak

Since EPIC Games launched it’s Battle Royale interpretation of Fortnite revenue has skyrocketed. According to analyst firm Superdata in May alone in-game microtransactions account for $304 million. Comparing that to the already crazy figure of $296 million in April this year we’re seeing 4 percent growth.

More water blocks soon

EKWB has released a new monoblock for the MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. This monoblock will apparently add water cooling to both the CPU and the VRM, thanks to a huge single water block. The EK-FB MSI X470 Pro Carbon RGB Monoblock is compatible with MSI Mystic Light Sync, which will allow you to create neat looking setups thanks to customizable lighting.

This leaves some question marks

If you live in Europe and you’re into computer hardware or gaming related products you’re likely to have heard of or know the German retailer Caseking. Meanwhile the company employs about 400 people and in fiscal year 2017/2018 it turned over €239 Million.

Things look good, but not that good

During the past years and especially during last year business has been going exceptionally well for TSMC. The Taiwanese contract manufacturer for semiconductor technology has seen quite a few consecutive quarters of double digit growth, with reasons being the strong smartphone market and the crypto mining boom.

A kick in the butt of a declining market

For a few years the South Korean electronics giant has already been working on a foldable smartphone and more than once an actual device was expected to launch. According to the Wall Street Journal Samsung is going to launch a foldable model for good by the beginning of next year and the price could be a whopping $1500 US.

AMD gains on performance

It was back in 2004 – a whopping 14 years ago – when I used to play, what we now call World of Warcraft Classic, like a maniac. Since then countless new expansions have been released of which I’ve only barely touched the first one. Nonetheless it appeared to be about time to Blizzard to give an overhaul to WoW’s underlying engine, which now supports DirectX 12.

Now with RGB lighting

Over the last years, we have reviewed quite a few CPU coolers from Corsair including its Hydro all-in-one series. A few years later Corsair is giving those products an overhaul. During the last months we have seen the first Hydro PRO coolers and now Corsair adds another model to the lineup.
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