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It's been a while since Corsair updated the high-end part of their Obsidian series. A few weeks ago we have published a review on the 500D and the company might add soon another case to their portfolio. With the Obsidian 1000D, Corsair is going to introduce a new super-tower case which sport a lot of interesting features.

Very clean looking

A few weeks ago, NZXT announced its brand new H series line of cases equipped with RGB lighting and Aer F fans. The H series has a chassis that should meet the need of each gamer, from the mid-tower up to the mini-tower. The new lineup includes: the H700i, the H400i and the H200i. We have received the small H200i and we have done some nice pictures.

RGB water block for ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPUs

EK Water Blocks have announced that their new EK-FC1080 GTX Ti Strix RGB full-cover water block is available and ready for shipment. As usual EK's full-cover blocks directly cool the GPU, RAM and VRM.

Soon available?

We all know that B360, H310 and H370 chipset based motherboards for Coffee Lake processors will be available in April. However, regarding Intel Z390 chipset there isn't any additional information. According to a rumor, Intel was supposed to release this chip in Q4 2017. Thanks to a changelog of AIDA64, we know that the chipset is still part of Intel's plan.

Featuring VGA and DVI ports

According to a leak that has been published on Videocardz, Gigabyte is ready to launch a long list of motherboards based on the upcoming Intel H370 chipset. With the H370 HD3, the company will offer an ATX motherboard that sports a lot of features.

Quad tower cooler with top cover

Although liquid cooling AIOs are more affordable and usually easier to mount, some people still prefer the reliability and lifespan of tower CPU coolers. To be honest, we use a Noctua twin tower coolers for most of our CPU benchmarks since they don't require any addional support or bracket (for radiators for example). According to Scythe, the Ninja 5 cooler can deliver exellent performance.

Featuring 4K IPS panel

ASUS has expanded its monitor lineup with a new model measuring 32-inch diagonally and featuring a 3840 x 2160 pixel IPS panel. Furthermore the ProArt PA32UC is the first 32-inch display compatible with HDR400 standard. According to ASUS, the new ProArt PA32UC professional is supposed to be used in the office environment.

Up to 2020

Following the leak of AMD Ryzen 2000 slides, more details are coming up again. This time it's related to AMD's plans for the high-end desktop market. The leaked slides are courtesy of the Spanish website Informatica Cero. The documents show also some information regarding upcoming HEDT products.

As AMD partner

According to a Taiwanese PC industry sources, ASRock might enter in the graphics card market as well. The Taiwanese electronics company, currently owned by Pegatron, is producing motherboards, barebones systems, servers and even network products. Since ASRock is producing already several hardware components, it's not a surprise if they would join in GPU market as well.

Another Coffee Lake desktop CPU

According to a rumor which has its roots in the the GFXBench database, Intel might release quite soon more Coffee Lake processors. The CPU's name breaks Intel's naming schemes since it comes as Core i7-86xx. At the moment the 86xx prefix is used for Core i5.

Soon available

TechPowerUp has come across a few interesting slides on the Spanish website Informatica Cero. One of them actually shows a CPU roadmap for AMD's next generation of Zen processors. Pinnacle Ridge, which is the successor's code name, is supposed to be manufactured using 12nm technology instead of the current 14nm node.

Available next week

EK Water Blocks announced that they are working on a new water block for the ASUS ROG STRIX RX Vega 64 graphics card. The block is going to looks similar to the model EK produced for the reference version.


In our hardware roundup we post all reviews from the hardware sites around the globe we can find. Apparently we wish you a lot of fun browsing the lists and we hope you're going to enjoy those reviews.

To mine cryptocurrency

During the last year we have seen a massive cryptocurrency boom and plenty of people trying to take advantage of it. For example the UK government site has been hacked to mine, nuclear russian scientists tried to use super computers for mining and several torrent websites had Javascript-based cryptocurrency miners loaded.

From HWBattle

A few days ago, we have spotted the first benchmarks about the upcoming Ryzen 2000 series based on the Zen+ architecture. Meanwhile, the benchmark comparison site Hardware Battle has posted some benchmarks of what appears to be the upcoming Ryzen 7 2700 CPU. At the moment all the informations are behind a password but VideoCardz re-hosted the relevant information.

Now with 360mm radiator

NZXT has announced the expansion of its Kraken X series with a new flagship model. With the Kraken X72 AIO, NZXT adds a 360mm AIO to the lineup. According to the company, the upcoming Kraken X72 should deliver pretty solid performance.

Only 85 Euro

If you are looking for a mid-tower case which is compatible with high-end graphics cards, ATX motherboard as well as watercooling setup, Corsair's Carbide 275R enclosure might be just what you've been looking for. Carbide 275R is available in two colors, four versions and it's an improved version of the Carbide 270R.

Over 80% users run a NVIDIA graphics card

According to the latest Steam hardware survey, NVIDIA is still holding the crown, when it comes to graphics card market share. No less than 85 percent of the users on Steam own a system where the graphics department is powered by a GeForce graphics card.

RGB water block for NVIDIA Fouders Edition based GPUs

EK Water Blocks have announced that their new EK-FC GeForce GTX FE RGB full-cover water block is available and ready for shipment. As usual EK's full-cover blocks directly cool the GPU, RAM and VRM.

Added support and fixed issues

AMD has released the latest update to their Radeon GPU drivers, the Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.3.1 WHQL. This new updated adds day-one support for a couple of upcoming AAA games like Final Fantasy XV and Warhammer: Vermintide II.
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