Review: Enermax ETS-T40-VD Tower Cooler

Published by Marc Büchel on 01.01.70
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With the ETS-T40-VD, Enermax has a CPU cooler in its portfolio that offers some potential for improvement. For the performance you get the price should for example be lower. Furhtermore we didn't like the mounting kit. It is tedious and the pressure with which it puts the cooler onto the CPU is too low. A higher pressure might even increase cooling capacity because of better heat exchange. But fortunately there are also things we liked about this cooler. For example there is a fan that offers PWM functionality and the cooler can also be equipped with two fans.   - PWM fan - Pull and Push capable  
Installation   + -
The installation process is quite easy and you can mount the cooler quickly. The installation is perfect but if you keep in mind that this is a budget cooler, then it is more than ok. There is only one thing we would change which concerns the scres which are also used as spacers. We would make the difference between the diameter of the screw threads bigger that one can see it immediately. Furhtermore putting the fan in place is also piece of cake.   - Easy and robust - Compatible with Intel and AMD sockets - Springs  
Performance   + -

If you drive your Enermax fan at twelve volts it's well audible. We recommend to make use of the PWM feature and regulate it all the way down to about 650 rpm. At these rotation speeds the the fan is inaudible and there is still plenty of cooling capacity to even keep a high-end CPU at adequate temperatures.

  - Compatible with Intel and AMD sockets  
Recommendation   + -

In its price class the Enermax ETS-T40-TD is an astonishingly good cooler. Combined with a high rpm fan it is suitable for air overclocking and equipped with low rpm fan you can even this thing into a silent system. In Switzerland the Enermax ETS-T40-VD comes at a price of CHF 43.- (est. EUR 46.-). In Germany you can get this cooler for about 31 Euro.

  - Desktop-PC
- Gamer
- Overclocker

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Author: Chrictian Ney

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