Review: ASUS Maximus V Extreme

Published by Marc Büchel on 05.07.12
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The Maximus V Extreme, is ASUS' new flagship model regarding Intels latest Z77 chipset. The guys over there at ASUS ROG put a lot of new features on the board. On the paper it looks like they've moved their flagship ROG board to another level (yet again?). So it's quite understandable that we can't wait to have a close look at this product.

The Maximus V Extreme is ASUS' latest high end overclocking motherboard creation regarding Intels Z77 chipset. We're really curious how this thing is going to cope with our benchmark parcours. Of course we're also looking at this board from a layout and design perspective and last but not least we added an extra page for the features. In fact there are even more extras with this review. This is the first article you find on ocaholic where the last page covers the editors own, personal opinion about the product. We try to focus only on the facts in our reviews which we think is a really good thing but unfortunately, when a review wasn't bad there will be almost no discussions at all. This in mind we give you some more room for interpretations of our articles.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 12 - SiSoft Sandra 1
Page 2 - Specifications / Delivery Page 13 - SiSoft Sandra 2
Page 3 - Features Page 14 - UC Bench
Page 4 - Layout Page 15 - Super Pi 1M / 32M
Page 5 - Connectors and I/O Page 16 - wPrime 1024M Multi Core
Page 6 - BIOS Page 17 - Games
Page 7 - Test setup Page 18 - Power Consumption
Page 8 - 3D Mark 11 Page 19 - Performance Rating
Page 9 - 3D Mark Vantage Page 20 - Conclusion
Page 10 - 3D Mark 2001 SE  Page 21 - Personal opinion
Page 11 - PC Mark 7  

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