nVidia GeForce GTX260 mit 216 Shader

Published by Jean-Luc Hadey on 20.10.08
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Resized ImageThe revised GeForce GTX260 come with the same name like it's predecessor. The only difference one can find isa higher number of activated shader processors. Therefore the new card supports 216 shaders whereas the old supported 192.

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EVGAs GTX260 Core 216 is a very slightly overworked GTX260 which should now be able to conquer AMD/ATIs Radeon HD 4870. The card still is 1.4 billion transistors heavy and totally there are 216 activated shader processors and 72 texture units. Also nVidia didn't touch the clock speed of the reference design. It still is 576 MHz. Even with the memory interface it's the same. It is 448 bit wide and is supported by 896 MBytes of GDDR3 memory. Furthermore it does a raw throughput of 111888 GByte/s.

Our review will show if nVidia succeeds in outperforming AMD/ATIs Radeon HD 4870.

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