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Best fully modular 700-750 watts PSU
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Normally i stick to OCN but i thought some of you here might find this interesting

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I get asked very often what is the best fully modular 700-750 watts PSU? so instead of answering that every time i am going to make another info thread well sort of.

First off before i begin no i have not reviewed any of these units nor do i claim any credit for it, Its all done by Techpowerup so all credit goes to them. Since Techpowerup does not have reviews for every single 700-750 watts PSU i can only pick the ones they have reviewed which means the Cooler Master V700 is not in thread however sad that might be.

Now the overall winners here is the EVGA SuperNova G2 and the Super Flower Leadex they have the best ripple suppression of them all, And they the second best voltage regulation after the AXi, And they are cheaper then all the others besides the SilverStone and the NZXT. And both G2 and Leadex its pretty much the same price as the Corsair RM. So the winner of best value also goes to the G2 and Leadex

Corsair AXi is second best here its voltage regulation is better then the Leadex/G2 yes but its ripple is nowhere as good and the price its sold at is far too high

Corsair AX760 and the Seasonic X are in the middle here but again the Leadex/G2 are almost always priced cheaper so not really worth it unless they are on sale

The worst of them all is the is NZXT HALE 82 V2 its has the oldest and cheapest platform used the worst ripple and the second worst voltage regulation, Dont buy this one its crap

Second worst is the EVGA SuperNova NEX750G it has the second worst/cheapest platform used worst voltage regulation but ripple is not actually that bad. Dont buy this one either its mediocre and way overpriced as well

Third worst is the the SilverStone Strider Gold S it has third worst ripple but its voltage regulation is only fourth worst. Again not really worth buying its very small size might make up for it somewhat but still not great

Fourth worst is the Corsair RM ripple is the fifth worst just ahead of the Seasonic X but voltage regulation is third worst. Again not the best thing you can buy compared to the 4 best and its priced far too high compared to what you get

Posted on: 2014/4/15 15:54

Edited by shilka on 2014/4/15 19:25:09
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