Kingston HyperX Cloud Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 31.07.14
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Overall, the HyperX Cloud is a good product. The build quality and the materials used are excellent and we did not expect anything less from Kingston. Other than the fact that we are looking at a classic design, the headset features a very good bundle. The soft cushions as well as the headband fit nicely and you will not experience any pressure points even with glasses or 3D goggles. The perception of audio is certainly a matter of subjectivity but, in our opinion, the sound is well balanced. We can say that the HyperX Cloud offers good sound quality, without over-pronounced bass. The earpads that surround the 53 millimeter drivers are comfortable and the bundle also icnludes two additional non-leather earpads for long gaming sessions.

The detachable microphone is made of flexible plastic and with memory effect. The overall quality is good and the sound captured is clean and natural.

Checking prices on we found that the HyperX Cloud is listed at 90 Euro and we believe that the Kingston HyperX Cloud headset is definitely a very good value for money. Not only the musical presentation and the sound stage are good, but also the build quality is perfect. In addition there is the solid, sturdy and rather classic design. Last but not least there is the huge bundle with cables, adapters and even a handle bag. The Kingston HyperX Cloud gets good 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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