Review: Corsair Dominator Platinum 4x4GB DDR3-2666 MHz CL10

Published by Christian Ney on 16.11.12
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Testing Method & Test Setup

Knowing about Samsung K4B2G0846D HCH9's capabilities from recent G.Skill TridentX 8GB review, we armed ourselves with an Ivy Bridge testing platform that should allow our memory to show every last bit of its overclocking potential.
To make sure that our figures represent the sort of stability safe to use ever day, we are going to run each setting until we get a 150% pass of eight 750MB instances of HCI Memtest that is considered one of the toughest memory stress-tests around.

Motherboard ASUS Maximus V Gene (BIOS 1204)
CPU Intel Core i7-3770K @ 4.0 GHz
Graphic card ASUS GTX 580
Memory Corsair Dominator Platinum CMD16GX3M4A2666C10
HDD Intel SSD 330 120 GB
PSU Seasonic Platinum 1000 Watts
OS Windows 7, 64 bit SP1


Our processor's IMC isn't HCI Memtest stable above 1'330 MHz (DDR3-2660) on the memory. Therefore we stopped the testing at 1'330 MHz.

Do I really need to describe? I mean seriously ... This memory kit is beyond awesomeness.
First of all it achieves specs at only 1.55v and looking at the curve I would say that at 1.65v the kit is stable around 1'410 MHz (DDR3-2820) CL10.
I mean hello? Even Corsair's fastest kit is rated DDR3-2800 CL11/12-14-14 and this one does DDR3-2800 CL10-12-12 HCI Memtest stable.
For Samsung chips that's quite an achievement, usually DDR3-2600+ rated memory kits use Hynix CFR chips. There is some serious binning going behind the curtain.
With a better IMC, this memory kit will fly at CL11 and CL12. Below a screenshot showing the memory kit passing SuperPi32M computation at 1'400 MHz CL10 1.65v.

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