Review: ARCTIC Alpine 64 Plus VS AMD Stock on Llano A8-3870K

Published by Christian Ney on 04.06.12
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Construction and design


The ARCTIC Alpine 64 Plus is made from a single block of aluminium. Therefore the base consists of aluminium as the fins. Furthremore you'll find preapplied Actic MX-4 thermal compound. The base plate is very simple. It hasn't ben lapped or polished and there is a hairline structure instead of a glossy surface. The heat is dissipated through 32 aluminium fins offering a cooling capacity of 100 Watts. The cooler comes equipped with one 92x20 millimeter PWM white fan.


We did not see any manufacturing mistakes on our sample, and it seems that is has been well made which means that manufacturing is on a high level. It is a mainstream cooler but it doesn't look as cheap as the AMD stock cooler at all. It looks better, it is bigger, the thermal compound is a reference product and the fan is also bigger and more silent.


ARCTIC equips the Alpine 64 Plus with one fan, measuring 92 millimeters in diameter. Featuring white colour and PWM facility. The rotation speed of the fan is quite large, from 600 rpm up to 2'000 rpm which is quite fast. Furhtermore this fan has a fluid dynamic bearing which allows the fan to operate almost noiseless at low rotating speeds. Once the fan is dirty you can even disassemble it and wash it with floating water.  

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