Review: ARCTIC Accelero S1 PLus + Turbo Module (Passive and Active Cooling)

Published by Christian Ney on 12.04.12
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Construction and design


The Accelero S1 Plus hasn't got a well manufactured copper base plate like you can find on other brand's cooler, there is no visible mirror affect at all. As you can see on the picture below, they pre-applied their MX-4 thermal compound onto the base plate. The heat is dissipated thanks to a set of 32 fins of 0.4 mm thickness using four copper heatpipes which have a diameter of 6 mm to offer a good cooling capacity.


We did not see any manufacturing mistakes on our sample, and it seems that it has been well made which means that manufacturing is on a good level. The design is standard for this kind of passive coolers. As you can see from the image below the fans aren't packed as dense as you might find it on a cooler, which has been designed for active use only. A bigger distance between the fins casuses better convection of the air and therefore better passiv cooling capabilities.


ARTIC is selling the S1 Plus Turbo Module, and you guessed right, it is an accessory for this passive cooler to make it ative. What you will find is a 120 millimeters fan that has got nine white blades with speed ranging from 620 rpm to 1'000 rpm thanks to the 12 volt to 7 volt converter available in the bundle that allow you to control the rotation speed of your fan as well as the noise level of your graphic card. With a maximum speed of only 1'000 rpm this fan is still very silent. In the bundle you will find six (four + two actually, in the case your break two of them) mounting rubber pins to reduce vibration noise. Furthermore there is the MX-4 Thermal.  

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