Cyberpower infinity Hercules Pro Review

Published by Hiwa Pouri on 10.04.15
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With the Cyberpower Hercules Infinity Pro the British system integrator has one good looking and well made system in their portfolio. Today we're going to have a very close look at what this rig can do and for what kind of gaming it is suitable.

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Cyberpower is one of the world's largest international companies which make customized PC and notebooks. Today we are going to review one of their ATX PC systems made for gamers; the Cyberpower Infinity Hercules Pro. Based on a white midi tower case from NZXT and a well thought configuration this system appears to be perfectly suitable for mid-range gamers. On the following pages we will have a closer look at performance of all internal components and we will check temperatures and power consumption.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 10 - WinRAR
Page 2 - Preview Page 11 - Frybench
Page 3 - Specifications Page 12 - Games
Page 4 - 3DMark Page 13 - SSD
Page 5 - UCBench Page 14 - Overclocking
Page 6 - XTU Page 15 - Power Consumption
Page 7 - Cinebench Page 16 - Temperatures / Noise Levels
Page 8 - HWBot Prime Page 17 - Conclusion
Page 9 - Blackhole  

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