Review: ASUS HD7970 DirectCU II Top

Published by Marc Büchel on 28.03.12
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Usually ASUS releases its GPUs in three steps. First of all there are the "boring" reference cards with an ASUS badge. Secondly there are the "funnier" DirectCUII cards whereas one of which is sitting in our test system today. Last but not least there are the crazy Matrix cards. Although, this time already the DirectCUII card has got some of the Matrix madness, which we will explain later. Never the less standard for the DCII models is the gigantic triple slot cooler. So, this thing sounds quite interesting.

On the following pages we will show you the strenghts and weaknesses of the ASUS Radeon HD 7970 DirectCUII Top.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 8 - Stone Giant
Page 2 - Technical Data / Specifications Page 9 - World in Conflict
Page 3 - Preview / Delivery Page 10 - Resident Evil 5
Page 4 - Testing conditions Page 11 - Call of Juarez
Page 5 - 3D Mark 11 Page 12 - Far Cry 2
Page 6 - 3D Mark Vantage Page 13 - Overclocking
Page 7 - Unigine Heaven Page 14 - Conclusion

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