CeBIT 2012 - Impressions and Highlights

Published by Marc Büchel on 14.03.12
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ocaholics last visit to CeBIT dates back to 2009 but this year we decided to go there again and check out what's going on in the industry ourselves. During the first two days we were no less then four ocaholics taking pictures of everything we could find in the component halls. If you should have missed this years CeBIT don't worry, we've taken way more than 2000 pictures for you.

Let's start this article with the conclusion: this years CeBIT left us with mixed feelings. For example, if you keep in mind, that manufacturers like, ASUS, Corsair, Kingston and many more didn't even bother having a booth a the world largest exhibition about IT related products and services, then something is really going wrong.

It's been also really difficult to understand why manufacturers like MSI, Gigabyte and Cooler Master only had a booth in the Planet Reseller area, which is only opened for resellers and press. Altough it seemed like the organizers decided to also let "normal" people into this area.

Interpreting the signs it seems like CeBIT really is losing ground to other big exhibition like for example Computex, which is taking place in June this year. Therefore that's exactly what we've hear from almost every exhibitor. Furhtermore there have been many brands which decided to have a booth in the last minute. So it was no wonder that these booths were very small. On the other hand it's been astonishing how many small asian companies exposed there products. One could say, that they almost flooded CeBIT with their products.

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Seite 2 - ASUS & Gigabyte Seite 6 - Enermax & Lian Li
Seite 3 - ASRock & MSI Seite 7 - G.Skill & Hiwa
Seite 4 - Biostar & OCZ  

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