ASUS ROG Mod - Made By Besi - Part 1

Published by Marc Büchel on 02.11.11
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In cooperation with ASUS Switzerland as well as Corsair and Intel for components, ocaholic is planning modding project which is in a class of its own. Under the lead of the very experienced and professional Case Modder Marc "Besi" Voser, we're building a "CaseCon" (Case Construction) which is going to be professionally planned as well as professionally manufactured. The endresult will be and astonishing Hardcore-Gaming-PC that is 450 Millimeter long, 300 Millimeter high, 395 Millimeter wide and about 15 kilograms heavy.

Page 1 - Idea
Page 1 - Planning and Hardware
Page 3 - 3D Model and CAD programming

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