Gigabyte X79-Line-Up - Layout and Design

Published by Marc Büchel on 26.10.11
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With Gigabyte, the first heavy weight in the motherboard market shows it's entire line-up regarding their upcoming X79 motherboards. The GA-X79-UD3 will therefore be the entry level board. The GA-X79-UD5 aims at content creation and the GA-X79-UD7 targets overclockers and enthusiasts. And finally there will also be a board only for gamer: the G1.Assassin 2, which at a first glance seems not to make any compromise at all.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 4 - GA-X79-UD7 - Enthusiast and Overclocking
Page 2 - GA-X79-UD3 - Mainstream and Overclocking Page 5 - G1.Assassin - Gaming
Page 3 - GA-X79-UD5 - Content Creation Page 6 - Conclusion

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