World Record: 3175 MHz @ CL8 and 3095 MHz @ CL6

Published by Marc Büchel on 21.10.11
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For about one and a half months, the guys from ocaholic have known that they were going to try break memory world records. At an exhibition called IM-Top which was being held by the Swiss distributor Ingram Micro ocaholic was welcome to try break memory world records.

Already some time ago the two French Overclockers Benjamin Bouix aka "Benji Tshi" and Jean-Baptiste Gerard aka "Marmott" have been able to overclock the exact same modules like we did yesterday. In order to have an optimal setup to break memory world records Kingston provided us with their HyperX 2544 MHz module with the exact name KHX2544C9D3T1FK2/2GX. These modules are based on Elpida Hyper BDBG chips. During the first tests Roger (splmann) Tanner and Marc (Besi) Voser quickly evaluated that these modules are most suitably to get some very nice low latency clock speeds. For CL10 and CL11 there are other Kingston modules that do their job better and there are also some Corsair DIMMs which can be clocked higher. Therefore it is logical that it's been splmanns and Besis plan to try break the low latency world records at CL6, CL7 and CL8. Regarding CL6 they had to crack 2902 MHz, at CL7 it was 3082 and CL8 was at 3170 MHz.


Relaxed but precise - that's what you might know from Swiss people - Besi started to setup the system. It almost took him ages until everything was in the exact position he wanted it. In order to quickly find out how far they could go regarding clock speed at CL11 they started with this setting. It took splmann and Besi about a quarter of an our to reach the limit which was at 3200 MHz.

The plan
CL8 and CL6 World record!
Thanks to everybody!

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