Sandia-Cooler - How it works

Published by Marc Büchel on 15.07.11
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Jeff Kopolow who is researcher at the american Sandia National Laboratories has developed a mechanism is capable of cooling recent processors in a much more efficient way then conventional aircoolers or even watercoolers. Therefore he discovered an entirely new approach whereas the only thing he needs is a rotating cooling block with.

A technology which has offered room for improvement since a long time concerns the one which is behind conventional air coolers. The traditional design makes use of a cooing block and an appropriately sized fan. The efficiency this solution offers is about three percent and therefore quite poor. The bottleneck in this system is the layer of "dead air" which is between the fins and has a very high thermal resistance. If there now was a possibility to decrease the thermal resistance to a minimum this would sovle this issue permanently.

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