AMD/ATI vs. Intel/Nvidia Gaming Performance

Published by Marc Büchel on 10.05.10
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Resized ImageWith the Phenom II X6 AMD has a CPU which is able to compete with Intels Core i7 models. Furthermore AMD announced the availability of their new "Leo"-platform which includes motherboards, processor and graphics card. For us this is cause to compare the two archrivals AMD/ATI and Intel/NVIDIA using our benchmarking parcours.

We'd like to thank Digitec, AMD, intel, Corsair, Mushkin, Cooler Master and Enermax for providing us with the testsamples.

With the Phenom II X6 AMD has a CPU in their portfolio which is able to keep up with Intels Core i7 CPUs. Therefore it is interesting to have a platform comparison between AMD/ATI and Intel/NVIDIA and on the following pages we'll show you with which of the two systems you get more performance for your money.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 5 - Synthetic Benchmarks
Page 2 - Specifications Page 6 - Gaming Benchmarks
Page 3 - Impressions Page 7 - Conclusion
Page 4 - Test conditions  

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