Pandora automated liquid nitrogen charger

Published by Marc Büchel on 04.03.09
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Resized ImageOur team member Besi (Marc Voser), who works as a CAM programmer and network administrator, developed and perfectioned in 250 hours of work a system that is capable of cooling recent processors and graphic cards fully automatically using liquid nitrogen. Internally the project was known under the code name "Pandora". So the tension is high what Pandora's box is going to contain.

Since a little more than two years Besi himself has done well in overclocking. Coming from the OCTS (Overclocking Team Switzerland) he spent a lot of time manufacturing his perfect and good looking Pots. Making some of the best Pots world wide he is also a very important person for the well known overclocker splmann who is also a member of the ocaholic team. In numerous bench sessions he also learnt how to reach very good overclocking results.

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