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Gainward Rampage 700 GS GLH "The Beast"

Published by Jean-Luc Hadey on 27.12.08
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Resized ImageWith the Rampage 700 GS GLH (Goes Like Hell) Gainward presents an extravagant graphic card. This dual GPU sparkler which is based on a 4870 X2 comes with a triple slot cooling solution which allows a factory overclock and it looks absolutely impressive.

Resized Image was kind enough to provide us with a test sample of Gainwards Rampage 700 GS GLH which comes with a factory overclock. This means that the GPU clock is now set to 790 MHz which is 40 MHz more than standard and the GDDR5 memory is about to be clocked 100 MHz faster than the reference design.

On the following pages you'll be able to read what the Gainward 700 GS GLH is capable of.

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