ASUS Strix Pro Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 25.11.14
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With the Strix Pro, ASUS has added a new gaming headset to its portfolio. At a first glance you get a flashy design and checking the specifications we find that the manufacturer is using 60 millimeter drivers. Apart from that there is a noise-cancelling feature. Overall this sounds like the Strix Pro is definitely worth having a closer look.

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On the following pages we will have a closer look at ASUS Strix Pro Headset. We're curious to find out whether the company that is famous for great components can also come up with equally good gaming peripherals.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 5 - Wearing comfort/ergonomics
Page 2 - Preview Page 6 - Acoustics
Page 3 - Specifications Page 7 - Conclusion
Page 4 - Test conditions

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