In Win D-Frame Mini Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 17.09.14
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General   + -
In Win has done an excellent job in creating a mini-ITX case which is able to accommodate high-end components. Despite its rather exclusive compatibility with mini-ITX motherboards, the D-Frame Mini supports large graphics cards. Aesthetically speaking, we like the massive use of high quality aluminum and side panels made from tempered glass. The interior space is well designed, with innovative solutions and high end finish. The case, if that is the right terms, belongs to the category of "open air" cases, therefore there are many openings that allow a good air flow.   - Bundle - Colors - Design - Price
Manufacturing quality / Ergonomics   + -
The build quality is on a very high level, the internal and external aluminum is very well made. The skeleton of the Mini D-Frame is solid and very sturdy, so the case can be carried away very easily thanks the practical knurled handle at the top. The installation of the components inside the D-Frame Mini is quite simple and straightforward, since the space available for work is plentiful. We have not found any problems during the installation process, however, we would like to see a bit more use of a tool-less system, especially on the HDD sleds.   - Build quality - Portability - Not tool-less 
Design   + -
The In Win D-Frame Mini is one of the most unique cases we have tested so far. The design of the case is really something special and innovative, and, in our opinion, very well done. Like most cases made from screen panels, we believe that the the In Win D-Frame Mini is also not a product for everyone. The block of aluminum combined with two heavy tempered glass windows give the case an elegant design. Despite the wide use of tempered glass, the total weight of the case is very low thanks to the aluminum chassis. The D-Frame Mini is compatible with water cooling systems with 240 mm radiator and air cooling with a maximum height of 165 millimeters. Like all bench test tables and cases with a high air flow, the D-Frame Mini will get dirty from dust very easily.   - Design
- Water cooling solutions - Aluminum - Weight
- Dust is an issue
Recommendation   + -
Like all the high-end products, the In Win D-Frame Mini also comes with a rather steep price tag. On Geizhals, the In Win D-Frame Mini starts at 299 euro excluding shipping costs. Despite its extremely good build quality, innovative and strange design as well as the internal space, we believe that the price is slightly steep. If you are looking for a unique product that can accommodate high-end components and a 240 mm radiator, as well as like the looks of it, the In Win D-Frame Mini is definitely a great choice. However, due to the restricted cooling solutions, we do not recommend it as a purchase for a hardcore gamer.   - Gaming-PC
- Modding
- Price - High-end Gaming-PC
The In Win D-Frame Mini gets good 4 out of 5 stars.

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