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Published by Marc Büchel on 28.06.12
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The first impression the Maximus V Extreme from ASUS leaves makes us want more. Once again we like the ROG design, which meanwhile belongs to the evergreens in the industry. Furthermore there are four PCI Express 3.0 slots which makes this board future proof. In the introduction we were talking that with the motherboard ASUS claims that extreme is back and in this category then, we find for example the OC-key. This little device lets you monitor all the system readouts onscreen. What you're also going to find are connectors for professional temperature sensors, which allow accurate temperature monitoring. This is especially useful for extreme overclocking where you have tempeture which go all the way down to -196°C.   - Design
- 4 x PCI-Express 3.0 Slot
- OC-key
- Professional temperature sensors - VGA Hotwire
- VGA Power Control
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Basically the ASUS Maximus V Extreme's Layout has been very well thought. Once more practical are the angled SATA connectors as well as the power- and reset-buttons. There is also a debug display which is very useful in case you should have issues with a component in your system or the board itself. Even the placement of the PCI-Express x16 is very well chosen. There is a total of five of these slots, whereas red ones can access eight lanes each when there are graphics cards in every slot. We also liked the voltage readouts as well as the possibility that one can deactivate the different PCI-Express x16 expansion slots via dip switches. The Maximus V Extreme really seems to be a very complete overclocking motherboard.

  - Angled SATA connectors - Power/Reset-Button onboard
- Debug display
- Space around the CPU socket - Voltage readouts

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