Thermaltake Core V21 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 06.01.15
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For some people, the Core V21 could be just another small cube PC case since it is compatible with micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards, but thanks to the rather large dimensions, there is some more space than what you usually get from these mini cases. The motherboard tray does not feature pre-soldered standoffs and there is a big opening behind the socket, so that you can install aftermarket cooling systems without taking the whole motherboard off. The internal layout of the Core V21 is similar to many other models with cube shaped design, so the lower part allows you to install storage devices and the power supply while the rest of the components, including the motherboard, are located in the top part of the case. The Core V21 allows you to install up to a maximum of three 3.5" HDD and three 2.5" SSD. The maximum length for the power supply is 200 mm, so all models currently on the market are compatible.
For our test we used an micro-ATX motherboard with a 240mm radiator. As you can see from the pictures the interior space is quite adequate and even with the Radeon R9 290X graphics installed there is still plenty of place inside. Like other Thermaltake Core models, the small V21 also offers modularity options, as it is possible to combine the case with another model of the same series in order to increase the space available for installing more components.

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