Raijintek Styx Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 13.10.15
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Product overview


The Raijintek Styx is a small case designed for mATX motherboards; like the previous model Metis, which we've reviewed a few months ago, the Styx is made of aluminum. Unlike most PC cases, there are no openings on the side panels and their finish is very smooth. Only the top panel features a mesh, which helps realizing decent cooling. On this model, the I/O connectors have been located at the top and it includes two USB3.0 ports and the classic 3.5mm audio jacks. Despite the small size of the Styx, this case is offers space for an ATX power supply, measuring up to 160mm in length. Apart from that you can install graphics cards, which measure up to 280mm in length.

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