Cooltek Antiphon Review

Published by Francesco Daghini on 18.08.14
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Product overview



The Antiphon features a simple and linear design, and is made out of black metal and aluminum. The front panel features a door with an aluminum panel which covers three 5.25” slots as well as the filters which are placed in front of two pre-installed 120mm fans. In the bottom area of the front panel you can find a switch with three different steps, which allows you to control the speed of up to 3 fans. The door itself features a soundproof material, and a magnet lock. The magnet on the door is probably a bit too strong for such a light door, as if you do not follow through with the door, it closes with an annoying sound, which is pretty ironic for a silent case. The I/O panel features two USB 3.0 ports, Power and Reset buttons, as well as standard audio jacks. On both sides of the front panel there are two openings that allow the front fans to push fresh air into the case. The side panels, even if they look quite simple, are actually the most important piece of the soundproofing system as they both feature an internal panel of soundproof material, which is actually pretty heavy and should do a great job at blocking the noise. The back panel is simple and you get seven PCI expansion slots, the I/O panel opening, a 120mm fan, two round openings featuring rubber groomets and the standard ATX PSU opening. Under the case there are four plastic feet with an alumium finish, which ensure that the PSU gets enough fresh air to operate correctly. On the bottom of the case you can install another 120mm fan, featuring another dust filter.




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