EpicGear Blade and Hybrid Pad Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 06.02.14
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Closer Look


As you can see, the body has been colored black and there are small orange details. Compared to the models so far tested, Blade from EpicGear slightly bigger, measuring 122mm x 80.2mm x 36mmand weighs 93 grams. On the left profile, there are two buttons, that are to be used with your right hand thumb. In other words this mouse has been designed for right handed people. The mouse wheel, backlit, it is completely smooth and very fluid. Behind the mouse wheel are positioned two buttons for the control of DPI, in orange color as the logo of the manufacturer. Blade has 7 pre-programmed keys.



EpicGear Blade uses the Avago 3050 sensor with 2000 DPI, positioned in the center of the mouse. As you can see, unlike other models, EpicGear has equipped this mouse with three small padsurfer. The braided cable is long, more than 1.5 meters and of excellent quality with a black and orange color scheme.

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