MIFCOM Battlebox Titan Xp Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 25.07.17
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Packaging / Exterior / Interior


MIFCOM shipped the Battlebox TitanXp testsample in a rather big outer packaging, which is made from cardboard. Inside this box there is another cardboard box from the case that has been wrapped in a layer of air cushions. Talking about the enclosure MIFCOM uses Corsair’s Carbide Air 540. Around the case box there are also the motherboard and the graphics card box, containing the accessories. Once unpacked and taken the left side panel removed we noticed a large cushion on the inside of the system. This big white cushion keeps the components in place nicely, reducing the likelihood of a possible death on arrival scenario (DOA) drastically.

  • Outer packaging standing
  • Outer packaging lying
  • Case box on the side


The design of MIFCOM’s Battlebox TitanXp system is framed by Corsair’s Carbide Air 540 case. This mid-tower, dual-chamber enclosure measures 415mm x 332mm x 458mm (LxWxH). Including all the components the system weighs a reasonable 17 kilogram. Looking at the front there is a plastic cover and right behind it there are three LED fans that shine in red when the system is on. Apart from that the left side panel comes with a window allowing you to have a glance at the components. Having a look at the connectors we find two USB3.0 ports as well as an audio-in and audio out at the front. Right next to those there are the power and the reset button.

A look at the back reveals the different connectors that come with the ROG STRIX X99 Gaming motherboard as well as the NVIDIA Titan Xp graphics card. If you want to know in detail what connectors you get then we’d recommend having a look at page two of this review. There you’ll find all the information you’re looking for.

  • MIFCOM Battlebox Titan Xp standing
  • Front I/O
  • Side
  • Connectors motherboard


Looking at the Battlebox TitanXp’s interior we see a neatly wired system. Apparently the system integrator does a good job. All the cables have been bundled nicely using cable ties and their also tied to the different cable tie loops the Carbide Air 540 case offers, which allows for an ideal airflow in combination with neat looks. Looking at the airflow concept there are three 120mm LED fans in the front, shining in red, and another 120mm fan at the back. In the case of the CPU cooler MIFCOM decided to use an Corsair Hydro Series H100i V2, which is also equipped with two 120mm fans and they're pushing exhaust air out of the case through the radiator. Since MIFCOM is using a Titan Xp graphics card there is a NVIDIA reference design cooler and its blower type fan (radial fan) also helps moving warm air out of the case. Overall the cooler is silent and audible under full load - subjectively speaking. Running Furmark the graphics card didn't reach more than 80°C.

  • NVIDIA Titan Xp
  • Samsung 960 EVO M.2
  • Corsair Hydro Series H100i V2
  • WD Blue 4TB

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