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Published by Christian Ney on 09.06.11
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With the ENGT430 ASUS has NVIDIAs low end GPU in its portfolio. This card is based on NVIDIAs latest Fermi architecture which has been fully overworked for the entry level market segment. Of course the performance isn't as blisteringly fast as with a fully fledged GTX 580 but never the less casual gaming should be very well possible. Another cosequence of the reduced complexity of this chips design is it's low power consumption. Compared to a high-end or even a mid-range product this low-end product needs almost no engery to operate. All these are enough reasons for us to check how well the ASUS ENGT430 performs in our benchmark parcours.

On the following pages we will show you the strenghts and weaknesses of the ASUS ENGT430.

Page 1 - Introduction Page 7 - Unigine Heaven / Stone Giant
Page 2 - Specifications Page 8 - World in Conflict / Resident Evil 5
Page 3 - Preview Page 9 - Call of Juarez / Far Cry 2
Page 4 - Overclocking Page 10 - Casual Gaming
Page 5 - Testing conditions Page 11 - Video Playback
Page 6 - Futuremark Page 12 - Conclusion

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