Corsair Carbide 275Q Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 12.02.19

With the Carbide 275Q, Corsair updates the 275R with sound damping panels. Like the Carbide 275R that we have reviewed a few months ago, the new Carbide 275Q is a case capable of housing custom watercooling builds and ATX motherboard. There is a lot of space available for radiators and there is space for reservoir and pump.


Model: Carbide 275Q
Case Type: Mid tower
Dimensions: 225 mm (W) x 455 mm (H) x 460 mm (D)
Material: SECC, Tempered glass
Color: Black
Drive Bay: 5.25": 0
3.5": 2
2.5": 4
Expansion slots: 7 + 2
Form factors: ATX, mATX, mini-ITX
Cooling: Front: 3x 120mm / 2x 140mm
Rear: 1x 120mm
Top: 2x 120mm / 2x 140mm
Bottom: /
Side: /
Watercooling Front: 360mm / 280mm
Rear: 120mm
Bottom: /
Top: 240mm


  • Carbide 275Q
  • Carbide 275Q
  • Carbide 275Q
  • Carbide 275Q
  • Carbide 275Q
  • Carbide 275Q
  • Carbide 275Q
  • Carbide 275Q
  • Carbide 275Q

Product overview

The Corsair Carbide 275Q is a rather small mid-tower case with a simple and neat design, and is made of black metal and plastic of excellent quality. The front part is without any opening or slots, so you will be not able to install any 5.25" drives, card readers or fan controllers. The part features the I/O panel with two USB 3.0, power and reset button as well as the standard audio jacks. On both sides of the front panel there are small openings, which allow the front fans to pull in fresh air.

The back panel is simple and you get seven PCI expansion slots and two additional vertical slots, the opening for the motherboard I/O panel, a 120mm fan slot and the opening for the standard ATX power supply. The bottom of the case has been equipped with four plastic feet, which ensure that the PSU gets enough fresh air to operate correctly.

The cooling concept of the Carbide 275Q is rather simple. There is space for up to three 120mm or two 140mm fans in the front, two 120mm in the top, and one 120mm fan in the back. If you are a fan of water cooling, you can equip this case with an all-in-one water cooler as we demonstrate in the pictures. The front can be equipped with a 360mm or 280mm radiator, while in the top there is space for a 240mm radiator. Furthermore there is space for high-end cooler up to 170mm height.



  Cooling Features Layout Build Quality Value for Money
Pros + Good compatibility for watercooling and aircooling
+ Water cooling
+ Sound damping panels
+ Dust filters + Fan controller
+ Interior space + High quality materials
+ Well priced
Cons     - Cable management might be improved    

The Corsair Carbide 275Q is a mid-tower PC case designed for those who don't want to spend a lot of money on a gaming rig. This case is a mid-range enclosure that it is also compatible with all-in-one water cooling solutions as well as rather large air coolers. Corsair decided to make use the classic design approach common for their Carbide series but without the front door and there is no 5.25" slot as well. The materials used and the build quality are on a good level, which is something we certainly expected from Corsair. Both side panels and the top cover feature sound damping materials.

On the inside there is quite a lot of space available. If you fit an ATX motherboard you can easily install a radiator in the front and one on the top. Apart from that all drive bays have been moved to the lower part of the case and behind the motherboard tray. Due to the size of the chassis, there isn't a good amount of space for cable management. We would like to see more room for the PSU and behind the motherboard tray. On the tray there are several openings with rubber grommets that help with cable management and improve the overall look of the case.

The Carbide 275Q from Corsair is a PC case which we can definitely recommend. If you are looking for a mid-tower PC case with a pre-installed fans that is compatible with AiO water cooling gear, this is a great product. Building a nice and clean looking rig is very simple and straight forward with this case. The Corsair Carbide 275Q is available on Geizhals for 85 Euro excluding shipping costs. The Corsair Carbide 275Q earns 4 out of 5 stars.

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