Corsair M65 RGB Elite Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 09.01.19

The M65 RGB Elite is Corsair's latest gaming mouse. This particular product combines a very attractive design with good build quality and RGB backlight. Apart from that there is an optical sensor with 18'000 DPI resolution. We're actually pretty curious to find out if the M65 RGB Elite is able to convince us or not.

Today we are going to have a close look at the M65 RGB Elite coming from Corsair. This model ships with RGB LEDs and adjustable weight system. As you might have guessed from the name, the M65 RGB Elite is essentially an updated version of the Vengeance M60. Compared to the previous version the main difference regards the backlight but overall it's the same mouse.


  • M65 RGB Elite
  • M65 RGB Elite
  • M65 RGB Elite
  • M65 RGB Elite
  • M65 RGB Elite
  • M65 RGB Elite
  • M65 RGB Elite


Model number M65 RGB Elite
Keys 8
DPI 18000
Materials ABS + Softouch
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Interface USB 2.0
Dimensions 115 x 67 x 40 mm
Cable 1.8 m
Weight 147 g

Closer Look

  • M65 RGB Elite
  • M65 RGB Elite
  • M65 RGB Elite
  • M65 RGB Elite

Already at a first glance it becomes clear that the M65 RGB Elite is a harmoniously and ergonomically shaped gaming mouse. Corsair is making use of a classic shape and the dimensions are average. The materials are well-made and the mouse is also well manufactured with a lot of attention to detail. The rough and porous surface ensures excellent grip, while the smooth top makes it very comfortable right from the beginning. Other than that, the Corsair M65 RGB Elite features a very smooth surface with a black matte finish. The materials used are of very good quality and comfortable. The Corsair M65 RGB Elite gaming mouse features a total of eight buttons which are fully programmable via software. The top of the mouse features the classic buttons devoted to the DPI setting as well as a solid wheel entirely covered with rubber. All the buttons are placed precisely where they belong, and even the top ones are easy to reach and not prone to accidental clicks.

On the left side of the mouse there is the sniper button in red. It's a useful feature if you are a FPS gamer. When you hold it down with your thumb, it lowers the DPI (to 400 although you can adjust them) in order to help you aim more carefully for shots with low margins of error. If you don't need sniper functionality, you can customize the button via software.

Corsair equipped the M65 RGB Elite with a Pixart PMW3391 sensor, which features a maximum resolution of 18000 DPI and that is way more than any gamer would ever dear using. The optical sensor has been placed in the center basically underneath middle of your plam. Corsair decided to provide the M65 RGB Elite with five medium-sized teflon glide pads, which are supposed to last for a very long time. The cable has been braided using black cloth. Furthermore there is an adjustable weight system and you can add or remove up to 3x6 grams of weight.



As soon as you installed Corsair's software, which you'll have to download from the manufacturers website first, you can start to program macros as well as change the lighting. When it comes to macros you can assign them to any key you like, which means you're not limited to different keys on this device. Therefore you can configure pulse, ripple as well as wave effects. Basically it's only your imagination that could set limits to what lighting effect can be set.


General + -
The Corsair M65 RGB Elite is a solid product, and overall, we were impressed by the build quality and a very good shape. The build quality is on an expected level and all the materials are perfect. The size of the M65 RGB Elite make it suitable for palm grip users. Even the pads are good, being decently sized and good on any surface.   - Weight
- Design
- Backlight
Manufacturing quality / Ergonomics   + -
As usual, we used the gaming mouse in both 2D and 3D environments for our tests. After a few days of use with standard office applications we can say that, despite being a gaming mouse, the Corsair product behaves very well any scenario as well, mostly thanks to the numerous options that you can change within the software. Also, the gaming experience is very good, and we have used the M65 RGB Elite with FPS games without any problem.

Although the M65 RGB Elite is an updated version of the M60, the weights are still a little harder to adjust than they should be. Once you remove the big screw, the weight doesn't come out as you might think. You have to shake your mouse until the small weight will come off. In our opinion this weight system should be improved or even changed.
  - Build quality
- Comfort
- Cumbersome weights
Software   + -
The software is essential but has everything you need, it is free and fast to get. We do like the fact, that macros can be programmed to each and every key on the M65 RGB Elite and apart from that also the backlight is highly customizable.   - Easy to use  
Recommendation / Price   + -
The Corsair M65 RGB Elite is a well-built mouse, which allows for a high level of customization. Apparently feature-packed and well-built products are never cheap and checking Geizhails, we find the Corsair M65 RGB Elite listed for 69 Euro. Should you be looking for a new high-end FPS gaming mouse, then we can definitely recommend the Corsair M65 RGB Elite.  

- Gaming

- Price
The M65 RGB Elite from Corsair receives good 4 out of 5 stars.

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