Review: Cooler Master TPC 800 Vapor Chamber Tower Cooler

Published by Marc Büchel on 09.07.12
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With the TPC 800, Cooler Master shows a cooler that offers very good performance and also the build quility is on a very high level. Unfortunately there are a few things we would like to see improved. First of all there is the mounting kit. We're sure that a mounting kit that is able to keep the cooler on the CPU with higher pressure will increase the performance of the TPC 800. Furthermore there there are the plastic brackets which keep the fans in place. They can be moved quite easily and when the cooler is standing upright, then the fans can slide down.   - Performance - Mounting Kit
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The installation process is quite easy but it takes some time until the cooler is in place. As we already mentioned we would have loved to see a mounting kit that is cabaple of offering more pressure. Like this Cooler Master is wasting some performance.   - Easy - Compatible with Intel and AMD sockets - Springs - Pressure
Performance   + -

We tested this cooler using two fans from Noctua. First we provided 12 Volt to them and then we switched to 7 Volt. At 12 Volts the cooler was subjectively audible and a 7 Volt it was subjectively silent at 800 RPM. Although lowering the supply voltage to the fans increases temperatures there is still headroom for overclocking. In fact this is a very efficient cooler.

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Cooler Master succeeded in creating a good cooler with an attractive price tag. The new "Vertical Vapor Chambers" really do a good job and they've proven to be very efficient.

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Author: Marc Büchel

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