Review: ARCTIC Accelero S1 PLus + Turbo Module (Passive and Active Cooling)

Published by Christian Ney on 12.04.12
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General   + -
The passive cooler for graphics card from ARCTIC that we just tested, has proven to be very good. Featuring a complete bundle, where you will be able to find all you need and boasting noiseless performance, it has been able to convince in passive as well as active cooling mode. We like the idea to upgrade the cooler to make it even more powerful and capable of handling heavy loads on high end graphics card. Doing so lowers the initial costs of the cooler if you only need it for normal use and desktop system.   - Performance
- Manufacturing quality - Bundle
- Pre-applied thermal compound
Installation   + -
Mounting the cooler is quite easy and doesn't take a lot of time. There is no need to tighten the screws very hard, like with the last cooler from ARCTIC we tested, to provide a very good pressure onto the graphics chip. The only thing that will need bit more time is the application and mixing of the two thermal grease. We did not test the cooling efficiency of those heatsinks and thermal pads/glue. Also note that the Accelero S1 Plus may not be compatible only with reference cards but also with custom PCBs like our MSI Twin Frozr II.   - Compatibility list - You need to buy the S1 Plus Turbo Module to make it compatible with high end graphics cards
Performance   + -

If you drive the S1 Plus Turbo Module fan at twelve volts they aren't noisy at all, in fact even if it's no more passive, it remains very silent, which means that this was overall the quietest of all graphics cards coolers we've tested so far. Furhtermore it is astonishing that this very silent cooler is the one with the third most cooling capacity. Even in passive mode it is competing in a completely different league (high temps but noiseless) when you add a fan (in this case the one available in the S1 Plus Turbo Module upgrade kit) it has been able to outperform all custom stock coolers we've tested and it's not very far behing high end coolers like the Accelero Xtreme Plus II.

  - Very good performance - Noiseless at 7v - Very ery silent at 12v - Performance at 7v  
Recommendation   + -

The Accelero S1 Plus targets people who are looking for a noiseless desktop or office computers. When adding the S1 Plus Turbo Module to it, it is even able to target a larger market such as Gamers that want to play games having as less noise as possible.

  - Desktop PC
- Gaming (with enough airflow)
- Office PC
- Overclocking

The ARCTIC Accelero S1 PLus + Turbo Module receives very good five out of five stars.

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Author: Chrictian Ney

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