Xigmatek Aquila Windowed Caseking King Mod Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 20.03.15
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As we already mentioned, this case is being equipped with additional noise dampening panels from Caseking and therefore the German distributor and shop sell it as a so called "King Mod" product. To achieve an as efficient as possible noise insulation there are two additional panels included in the delivery, using which you can even cover the front and back. In this case you should be aware that this will have a serious impact on temperatures, since no fresh air is being sucked into the case neither is hot air going to be pushed out of it.
For testing purposes we're using an ASUS P8Z77-I ITX motherboard, an Intel Core i5-2500K CPU, which receives cooling through a be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 cooler as well as a Club3D R9 290X royalAce graphics card. To put the CPU under full load, we're running prime95 for 10 min and in the case of the GPU we use Furmark also for 10 minutes. After these ten minutes, we're going to write down the temperatures.

All noise dampening panels installed Idle (°C) Full (°C)
Intel Core i5-2500K 33 / 34 / 31 / 33 67 / 68 / 65 / 67
Club3D R9 290X royalAce 41 92
Less is better

Front and rear fans installed Idle (°C) Full (°C)
Intel Core i5-2500K 24 / 25 / 25 / 27 54 / 52 / 55 / 54
Club3D R9 290X royalAce 32 74
Less is better

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