Review: Corsair Dominator Platinum 4x4GB DDR3-2666 MHz CL10

Published by Christian Ney on 16.11.12
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Using geizhals as our price research tool, we find that offers for 4x4GB sets of 2666C10 Dominator Platinum Series start at 418 Euros excluding shipping across the EU. Finding another kit, which shares the same specs, turns out to be quite difficult. In fact, there is only one kit from G.Skill, that features the same clocks and timings. If you then compare prices you're going to see that G.Skill sells their kit for 100 Euro less. Furthermore there are three other kits, which share the same clocks but feature looser timings (CL11). The Avexir Core for 200 Euros, the G.Skill TridentX for 300 Euros and the Avexir Core MPower Edition for 350 Euros.
Compared to competing products the price is very high but is there really competition when it comes to such a kit? I mean the overclocking headroom is beyond awesomeness. It's made by Corsair (aka a very high manufacturing quality). And when you open the package it makes you feel like you open an Apple product. In the end you get what you paid for, even tough it's hilariously expensive.
Corsair managed to do a come back in the ultra high-end memory market where G.Skill took the lead. This kit is better, faster and stronger than everything we tested so far. Pro:
  • Design
  • Manufacturing quality
  • Overclocking headroom
  • IC quality is way better than the specs
  • LEDs
  • Apple effect
  • Made by Corsair

  • Con:
  • Height (5.5cm)
  • Price

  • Rating

    The Corsair Dominator Platinum CMD16GX3M4A2666C10 kit receives the rating of 5 out of five stars.

    Author: Christian Ney

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    Author: Christian Ney

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