Sony Vaio F - VPC-F22S1E/B - Multimedia Notebook

Published by Marc Büchel on 05.08.11
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Display / Input Devices



Sony equipped the Vaio F - VPC-F22S1E/B with a 16.4 inch display that features Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. Furthermore the display comes with LED backlight and it is 3D capable with 120 Hz refresh rate. We liked that it wasn't a glare type display which is why there are no reflections when your in a brightly lit room. Astonishingly good were the colors and the contrast ratio. Also the brightness is on a very good level with an anverage, above 280 Candela per squaremeter. What might increase the lifespan of the display is the fact that is has been moved about two millimeters into the chassis.

Included in delivery you find a Sonys own 3D shutter glasses which are compatible to NVIDIAs 3D Vision technology. By a simple push of the 3D button, which is located right below the display, 3D is being activated. At this point we have to mention that the Vaio F - VPC-F22S1E/B is mainly suitable for watching 3D movies. If you plan on buying this notebook to play 3D games in high resolutions with high levels of details you'll be disappointed because of insufficent performance.

Input Devices


The Vaio F - VPC-F22S1E/B multimedia notebook comes with a full-size keyboard and a number pad next to it. Inbetween you also find, usefully placed, arrow keys which are suitable not only for office users, casual gamers will enjoy them equally. Generally the keyboard is much alike an Apple keyboard. The key drop is well chosen and the pressure point leaves a good impression. The keys themselves come with a slightly rough surface and provide good grip. Furthermore the chassis doesn't bend and there is background lighting for readability in darkness. 

Centered, below the keyboard you can find the touchpad. It has been integrated into the cases material and offers a left and a right key. The touchpad also offers scrolling functionality. It might take some time until you're absolutely familiar with the scrolling functionality. Because there is no frame around the touchpad, scrolling wont be intuitive in the beginning.

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