ASUS Sea Shell 1215B

Published by Marc Büchel on 13.07.11
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Display / Input Devices


ASUS equipped the 1215B with a 12.1'' display that features a 1366 x 768 resolution. Furthermore the display comes with LED backlight which promises good brightness. For a netbook the display size is quite big. The screen is a glare type one which helps imrpving the contrast ratio and makes the picture more crisp. Althogh the contrast is a weakness thing about the display. Colors look washed out and different gray shades for example are difficult to separate. Nevertheless the brightness is good. Even when it's exposed to direct sunlight one can still read text.

Input Devices

The Sea Shell 1215B comes with a compact keyboard. Generally it's very similar to an Apple keyboard. The keys itself come with a grippy, slightly roughened surface. The feedback is well chosen but because of the chassis the keyboard sits in there is quite a decent amount of flex when you strike a key. This then feels a bit irritating. Right below the keyboard one finds the touchpad. The first thing we would improve regarding this netbook is its touchpad. Therfore lets give some example why we would do so. If you're the typ of user who moves his finger very lightly over the touchpad, then there is a good chance that the cursor will jump over the display. Furhtermore there are the buttons right below the touchpad itself which don't come with a well defined pressure point. In fact you'll need quite a lot of force to push the buttons. Overall we highly recommend to use a mouse in combination with the netbook.

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