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Published by Luca Rocchi on 27.07.18
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Product overview


  • Crystal 280X RGB
  • Crystal 280X RGB
  • Crystal 280X RGB
  • Crystal 280X RGB
The A1 is a mini tower case, which is compatible with mini-ITX form factor motherboards. Apart from that there is plenty of space for mid-range CPU coolers, massive graphics cards and small radiators. The front has been covered using the same style that can be found on the rest of the case. Furthermore the I/O panel can be found on the top, which features two USB 3.0 ports, headphone and microphone jacks as well as the standard power and reset buttons. Apart from that the top panel features a Qi Charger.

The A1 is available in two versions, which are full white and full black - like our sample. Having the right side panel in our hands, it could be a little bit sturdier, which stands in quite a contrast to the very high-quality left side panel, which has been made from tempered glass and therefore almost bullet proof. The rear is simple and has all the features you would expect from such a case, including a spot for a 120mm fan and the motherboard I/O panel.

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