Corsair HX1000 Platinum 2017 Review

Publié par Marc Büchel le 15.09.17
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The first hint for a high Quality PSU can be seen when taking a first look at it. There is a nice design and high quality case. Corsair decided to go for one of their own NR135P fans, which is a high-end fan that will work well over a long period of time.
Right at the Input there is an extensive filtering stage, which has been place, which has been shielded off nicely from the rest of the internals. The transient filtering stage is well done and there aren’t many PSUs that can compete.

In the case of the PFC Booster Corsair makes use of expensive and high-quality Schottky diodes. Apart from that there are two APFC capacitors, while the one with 670uF capacitance comes from Nichicon and the other with 470uF is from Nippon Chemi-Con. The primary side of this PSU is rock solid, while especially the costly transient filtering stage and the high end Japanese Nippon Chemi-Con and Nichicon Capacitors are excellent.

A quick look at the secondary side shows rather big coolers, which are connected to different chips as well as MOSFETs. Also on the secondary side Corsair is only using Japanese capacitors in order to keep the quality on a very high level. Checking for voltage regulation modules, we find those on a daughter PCB.

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